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The House That Could Save the World.  The next generation of ultra-efficient houses will redefine how we fight climate change- and how we live.  Politico.  September 18, 2015.

Net Zero Success Stories: TrekHaus.  Solar Oregon. July 31, 2014.

Case Studies for High Performance Design.  LOCATE technical education for high performance project at Portland Community College.  Case studies include several Passive House examples including CoreHaus and TrekHaus.

Evaluating Technologies for High Performance Residential Buildings.  Poster presentation given by PSU's Green Building Research Lab at Oregon BEST FEST, September 11 & 12, 2013.

Ella Wong and Randy Hayslip's TrekHaus.  Earth Advantage blog.   August 21, 2013.

A Net-Zero Passivhaus Duplex in Portland.  Green Building Advisor News.  July 5, 2013.  About O2Haus, built by PDX Living.

TrekHaus: A Net Zero Trek with Ella Wong and Randy Hayslip.  10x10x10 Green Building Slam Design Showcase.  West Columbia chapter of Northwest EcoBuilding Guild.  May 29, 2013.

Second-Story Balconies article features TrekHaus 2nd floor balcony as "energy-smart" example.  Fine Homebuilding.  May 16, 2013.

Gallery:  TrekHaus passive home provides a living lab article with accompanying photo gallery.  Sustainable Business Oregon.  February 13, 2013.

The Passive House Movement gains popularity in North America.  Wood Design & Building Magazine.  Fall 2012.

Green Building Trends for 2012 (photos).  Trend #4:  Deployment and testing of new materials.  Huffington post on January 24, 2012.

TrekHaus: A Passivhaus Duplex in Oregon.  Green Building Advisor News.  January 17, 2012.

A Wired Walk Through the TrekHaus.  Earth Advantage Institute Blog.  December 19, 2011.

Passive House- a PSU engineering project.  KATU:  Engineering students study passive house.  Inside PSU.  December 14, 2011.

Green Living:  PSU's Passive House.  KATU News.  Television segment features PSU students studying phase change material being tested at TrekHaus.  December 13, 2011.

PSU Lab Specializes in Testing Green Building Products.  OPB News.  October 3, 2011.   

Slideshow: TrekHaus aims to move passive house forward article with accompanying photo gallery.  Sustainable Business Oregon.  September 26, 2011.
"Passive" building gains momentum amid controversy.  Sustainable Business Oregon.  September 26, 2011.

TrekHaus Channel on Vimeo.   "Rough cut" vignettes by Silver Peasant Productions.  First segment posted September 18, 2011.

Austrian Passivhaus expert Gunter Lang visits Portland's Trekhaus in the Oregonian, September 16, 2011.  

Home in Southeast Portland to serve as test for Passive House in DJC Oregon, September 14, 2011.

Integrating Phase Change Materials (PCM) in Passive House Construction for Improved Thermal Comfort.  Poster presentation at Oregon BEST FEST, September 12, 2011.

Evaluating a PassivHaus?  Measurable and Hidden Benefits in Earth Advantage Institute blog, July 5, 2011.

Latest in energy efficiency:  homes without furnaces in Seattle Times, June 16, 2011.  Passive house museum exhibit at Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

This is really Real Estate, Portland Style!  June 12, 2011 post about TrekHaus by our real estate agent Holly Burton, Principal Broker at Urban Nest.

Congratulations!  Northwest ENERGY STAR Builder Award Winners.  May 23, 2011.  CoreHaus, built by PDX Living, wins 1st place 2010/2011 Home of the Year award. 

PSU Green Building Research Lab News.  May 2011 post about TrekHaus.

Introducing TrekHaus.  May 4, 2011 post on CoreHaus blog.

Clearing the Path to Net Zero:  Builders Put Advanced Efficiency in Reach.  Energy Trust of Oregon Case Studies, March 2011.
The Passive House:  The Bleeding Edge of Sustainable Home Design in Portland Architecture Examiner, December 16, 2010.